Fee Rules



Fee funds and other charges are to be paid on quarterly basis either in cash at the school fee counter or through A/c Payee’s cheque drawn in favour of School. Cheque shall be accepted upto 7th day and cash on or before 10th day of each quarter i.e. April, July, October & January. Late payment fine shall be charged w.e.f. 11th Day of the month as per the school rules and the name of the defaulter will be struck off from the roll on last working day of the month. For details of late fine and re-admission fees etc., kindly see the school notice board or contact office.
In case the cheque gets dishonored for any reason whatsoever, the name shall be automatically struck off the role on getting intimation from the Bank. Under such circumstances Principal may allow re-admission on parents request at his/her sole discretion. All outstanding dues alongwith re-admission fees and fine shall have to be deposited.


No cheque for outstation clearance or post dated cheques will be accepted. Fee and Funds are not refundable/adjustable under any circumstances. Cheques will not be accepted during March/April. All fee including bus fee is subject to revision.


Claim for refund of caution money shall be entertained within three months from the date of withdrawal or when the name is struck off from the roll, or on completion of studies in the school alongwith original receipt, failing to which the whole amount will be transferred to society’s reserve fund.

Railway Concession Forms:

Concession forms can be had for home town journey only during the holidays. Request for the same is to be made to the Principal at least one week before in writing, stating clearly the station to and from, the name and age of the student and his/her class and section.

Merit Scholarship Test:

In order to boost the morale of high achievers in academics a merit scholarship test is conducted for class Nursery to VIII every year. Students qualifying this test are awarded with scholarship at the end of the academic session.


Class Nursery to 2nd A+ Grades in all subjects
Class 3rd To 8th A+ Grades in main five