Co-Curricular Activities

School co-curricular activities encourage students to bring out their hidden talents. They are motivated and guided to appreciate the rich cultural heritage of India through training in Fine Arts, Dance & Music etc. Participation in Cultural & literary activities of various clubs is also encouraged. These are organised collectively & individually as an integral part of education. Extra hobby classes are also arranged in vocations.
Cumulative record of participation in Co-Curricular activities at House, District, State and National level is also maintained and given due weightage for promotion. Due weightage is also given to general discipline, leadership, performance during the session in respect to Homework, Punctuality, Class position, Attendance, Obedience, Dress and Manners. Student’s emotional, social, physical and intellectual development is carefully monitored and recorded.

Bharat Scouts & Guides

For inculcating the spirit of patriotism and preparing the young boys & girls for service to the nation, Modern School has extended its facilities by opting and Independent unit of Bharat Scouts & Guides.

Educational Visits, Camps & Tours

Outings, picnics, excursions and visits to historical places are arranged from time to time. One tour for class IV onwards and one picnic for lower classes is compulsory during the academic session.