Principal's Message


“Arise, awake and be enlightened until the goal is reached”

The world is progressing at an unprecedented pace. To match the giant leaps of humanity, we need to equip our posterity with the best education.

Each child has an exquisite power within and can have a significant impact on the world. Good things happen to those who make efforts, exercise discipline, make sacrifices to meet demands. Behind every extra ordinary achievements, are the extra ordinary efforts. Man cannot succeed overnight, he cannot reach the top. It is the consistent struggle and untiring effort that is needed to get success and achieve goal in life. In fact extra ordinary lies hidden within each soul and it is the environment that nurtures it.

We, at Modern School, foster all intellectual, social, emotional, physical, the spiritual and the aesthetical development of students who enhance their quality of life. The school strives to incorporate in the students effective communicative skills, dedication, sincerity and sense of responsibility alongwith a positive attitude and set of values that student as a person will need through out his life.