about01 The school provides a digital language lab to involve students to actively participate in language learning exercise and get more practice than otherwise possible in a traditional classroom environment.
Here, the teacher has a computer with appropriate software for conducting language exercises visually with help of projector with big screen. Students and teachers wear the headsets that block outside sounds and disturbances. A media player/recorder is used for listening to audio and recording speech.
Modern language lab helps teachers to maintain good linguistic competence through accuracy in grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. Its constant use enriches discourse competence to prepare the student to be able to produce context wise written text and speech. Among the four macro skills of language learning-listening and reading are receptive skills whereas speaking and writing are productive skills. All these skills are brushed up here by the teachers, by allowing a space for the students to learn and explore the things themselves in a congenial atmosphere with their peer group. They bring the students into random or standard groups to conduct group discussions and role play. They record their discussion content for each group and thus provide feedback on their performance, especially in ‘enabling skills’-perception of sounds, stress, intonation patterns , accents, attitudes and so on.